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Introducing myself

Hello all. I'm Stephen Goldin, a long-time SFF writer with over 40 books published. Most have been science fiction, some have been epic fantasy. I do have one that might be of especial interest to people in this group, but I'll get to that in a moment.

As far as urban fantasy goes, I admit to being something of a minor leaguer. I've read some stuff that could claim to be antecedents of the subgenre, like Heinlein's Magic, Inc. and The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag and various works by L. Sprague deCamp. Of the more modern stuff, I've read the first Sookie Stackhouse book and a little Kim Harrison, and have Jim Butcher on my TBR list. (Do Glen Cook's Garrett books count as UF? I've read most of those.) On TV, I've loved Buffy (though not so much Angel), Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Eli Stone. A very preliminary education, considering how much the field has grown of late.

Polly cover2-150 Now I've got this book called Polly!, and it's not easily categorized. It's a satire, and people I don't even know say it's funny. It's fantasy, and is thoroughly anchored in our contemporary world, which is what makes me think it might technically be classified as UF. It's a book I'm very proud of, and I'm hoping to introduce other people to it. I'm hoping some of you might give it a try.

I'm also toying with another idea, sort of along the lines of the old Thomas N. Scortia short story "The Bomb in the Bathtub" (if anyone even remembers that these days). It'll be a very bizarre and surrealistic comedy when I get it done, but that won't be for a while. I don't even have a tentative title yet.

Well, that's me. Any questions?
Tags: comedy, epic, fantasy, funny, god, polly, satire, science fiction, stephen goldin, urban fantasy

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