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Lupa Bella book release

I know this place is pretty dead, but I'm doing a favor for my dad :)

For a thousand years, the de Luna family has protected the slopes of Santo Stefano from the outside world. Magic wanders through the woodlands, electricity is but a distant rumour, and werewolves are still secretly fostered to human families. It is 1962, and that’s all about to change. One young wolf struggles to understand the threats of the new age, while protecting her brother, her lover, her secret, her birthright, and the feudal lord who still knows the Old Ways.

What must she lose, and what will survive?

Tales of Darkness and Dismay, a Dark Continents Publishing line directed by Nerine Dorman, is proud to announce the release of Lupa Bella, a historical fantasy novel written by DC Petterson.

The author of Still Life (Lillibridge Press) and A Melancholy Humour (Lyrical Press), Petterson continues his passion for story-craft in Lupa Bella. He says: “I wanted to tell a compelling story about the tragedy of abandoning our instinctual, sensual, animal nature in the face of technology and so-called ‘progress’. If we deny our animal selves, we lose our humanity. Passion drives us whether we acknowledge it or not, and passion repressed is a sterile psychosis. We fear and shun the beast, yet turning away from her leads always to greater sins and worse horrors. This can’t be expressed as a rational argument; it has to be told as a seductive tale.”

Dorman adds: “I first worked with David on his novel, A Melancholy Humour, and found myself utterly entranced by his wolves, and the visceral, primal nature of the world they inhabit. When he told me he had another story about his Good Walkers, I was overjoyed, and we really worked hard to create a story that would shine while hinting at ancient mysteries juxtaposed against a changing social landscape. I quite happily compare his creation to the likes of SP Somtow and Alice Borchardt.”

Lupa Bella releases on October 31, 2013 and will be available in ebook format as well as in print via Amazon.

For more information on these and other Dark Continents titles, please contact Sylvia Shults, Publicity Director, at sylvias@darkcontinents.com. For more information on DCP’s Tales of Darkness and Dismay line, please contact Nerine Dorman at nerinedorman@gmail.com.


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