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In a bit of shameless pluggery - How Vasilisa the Wise found Vasilisa the Fairest

More out of a bit of nostalgia than anything else, I wanted to share my newest short story with this community. Such as it is.

Over the past three years or so, I've been writing urban fantasy stories set in Chicago. This one is particular wound up being more personal than others. It deals the culture in my native Russia in general and recurring characters in Russian folklore in particular. It touches on the culture class between nations, between generations, between Russians who spent all their lives in Russia and Russians who grew up in these United States.

But ultimately, it deals with having to live up to legend passed down through thousands of folk tales and the expectations that comes with it. Expectations that you may not necessarily reflect.

You can read the story over at my LJ. If you're so inclined, feel free to leave a comment, critique and any and all manner of feedback either here or at the original entry.

I'd appreciate whatever feedback you think it deserves.
Tags: fiction, original, writing

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