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Urban Fantasy Fans

Writers and Readers

Urban Fantasy Fans - for writers and readers
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Urban Fantasy - Books, TV, Movies - Discussion for writers and readers of urban fantasy
A place to talk about your own writing or books you've read that are in the Urban Fantasy genre.

Teaser Tuesdays - where you can post bits of your own writings.

Please post an intro about yourself when you join:

LJ Name/Nickname:
Are you a writer?
Are you trying to get published?
What do you write about?
What are you reading now?
Who is your favorite urban fantasy author?
What urban fantasy book is your favorite?
Who is your favorite character?
Do you write fanfic? What fandoms?
Anything else?

If you post any original fiction, please "friends only" the entry, and place under an LJ cut. You may also link to your personal LJs for longer works that you'd like us to read.

Be nice when you offer an opinion on someone's work. It's about the stories, not about the spelling.

No flaming, no rudeness, no nastiness at all...